About 'My Dashboard'

Your Dashboard is your personal home page that displays when you first log in. It shows your Visicover insurance quotes and policies, grouped in to blocks based on their type:

  • Premium Estimates - A list of any price indications you have received prior to a full quote (note, not available for all products).
  • New Policy Quotes – Quotes for new policies that are within the guarantee period but which have not yet been bought.
  • Policy Amendment Quotes – Quotes for changes to existing policies that you have yet to confirm.
  • Renewal Quotes – Quotes to renew existing policies which fall due to renew shortly.
  • Suspended Referrals - Quote requests that need to be referred to an underwriter to decide on acceptance.
  • Referred Quotes - Quotes which have been referred and are awaiting review by the underwriter.
  • Active Policies – Lists your current, in-force policies.
  • Cancelled Policies - Policies which have been cancelled mid-term and are no longer in force.
  • Cancellation Pending Policies – Polices which you have requested to cancel but which have not yet reached the cancellation date.
  • Lapsed Policies – Policies which you decided not to renew.

Information on how to access quotes or policies, and also what you can do when you have opened them, is shown under the heading of each block.

Aeroplane Insurance
  • Tailor your cover to your needs
  • Up to 20% No Claim Discount
Helicopter Insurance
  • Wide range of cover options
  • Introductory discount available
  • Extensive FAQs
  • Automated pop-up tips
  • On-demand help pop-ups