How do I update my insurance cover?

You can change most aspects of your Visicover insurance cover online at any time via our website. When you click that you want to make a change, we will automatically create an amendment quote based on your existing cover which you can update as required. You will then be shown the resultant impact on your premium for the remainder of the policy year, after which you can either save the quote for later or purchase it in, which case your policy cover is updated.

Full details on how to make a change are as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover and open the policy you wish to change from those listed in the ‘Active Policies’ block of your Dashboard.
  • Click ‘Make Changes To Policy’, enter the date from which you may want the change to take effect, then click ‘OK’.
  • Go through the policy details and make the changes you require.
  • Click ‘Calculate’ at the bottom of the 'Cover & Quote' page to see the premium impact of the changes for the period from the selected change date to the end of the policy year.
  • Decide what you wish to do next:
    • If you would like more time to think about it, click ‘Save and Exit’. This saves the quote in the ‘Policy Amendment Quotes’ area of your Dashboard without changing your policy cover. It will disappear from the Dashboard once the quote guarantee period has ended.
    • If you want to proceed with the change, click ‘Next’ to go to the summary page, and complete the purchase of the quote as normal.
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