What is a Policy Booklet?

The Policy Booklet contain the terms, conditions and exclusions relating to a policy. It is part of the policy contract documentation so to gain a proper understanding of the cover held it must be read in conjunction with the Policy Schedule.

Your policy booklet is sent to you when you arrange or amend amend your cover.

Policy booklets are periodically updated, and any resultant changes in cover will normally only come in to effect from the next renewal date. You can check which version of the Policy Booklet was in force at any point during the time you have held cover with us as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover.
  • Select the policy whose booklet you wish to view from those listed in the ‘Active Policies’ block of your Dashboard.
  • Click the arrow icon (Policy Details) under Actions.
  • Select the Policy Period you are interested in.
  • Select the cover version you are interested in based on the cover start and end date.
  • The details of the policy cover during that period will now be displayed on screen, as will be a link to download the version of the Policy Booklet which was in force at that time.
  • Click the Visicover logo when you want to return to the home page
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