Aircraft Insurance: What is Passenger Voluntary Settlement cover?

IMPORTANT - Passenger Voluntary Settlement is not the same as Passenger Liability Cover, with the latter being the mandatory aircraft insurance that you must hold if your aircraft can carry passengers, and the level of which is determined by the Combined Single Limit

If as the result of an accident involving your aircraft, a passenger suffers a serious injury, Passenger Voluntary Settlement can pay up to a maximum of €170,000 to that passenger. The size of the payment is determined by the nature of the injury and the level of cover the policyholder has arranged.

Unlike Passenger Liability cover, payment under the voluntary settlement is made regardless of who was liable for the accident, although in accepting the payment the injured passenger would waive their rights to any further liability claim under the policy.

The Passenger Voluntary Settlement option is only available on aviation insurance policies where you have selected Liability cover.

The Policy Booklet contains full details about how this cover operates, including any exclusions or conditions. Existing policyholders can download copies of the applicable Booklet for their policy by following the guide described here.

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