Aircraft Insurance: Can I add Named Pilots to my policy?

You can add or delete named pilots to your aircraft insurance at any time, so for general guidance on how to amend your cover, please click here.

When you reach the ‘Pilots’ page of the amendment process, you will see an ‘Add Pilot’ option in the Named Pilot section. Clicking this displays the names of pilots who have been insured under any policies registered under your account, so if you wish to add one of these, simply click the applicable name and update the details as required. However, if the pilot to be added is not listed, select ‘New Pilot’, at which point a new window will appear into which the details of the pilot can be inserted.

Be sure to complete the purchase of the amendment quote as described so as to apply the changes to the aviation insurance policy.

To help you gather the information required about the pilot, we have created a form which you can download and send to them for completion. Once you have the form back you can enter the details collected into the screen described above.

The pilot information forms are available in either PDF or Word formats, and there are different forms depending on whether you have a fixed wing or rotor wing policy.

Aeroplane Pilot Information Forms

Word     PDF 

Helicopter Pilot Information Forms

Word     PDF 


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