Aircraft Insurance: What are the aircraft use options?

A wide variety of aircraft uses can be insured including:

  • Private, pleasure and business
  • Commercial (Passenger and / or cargo)
  • Rental (Private, pleasure and business only and / or extended uses)
  • Instruction (Ab initio and / or advanced)
  • Medevac
  • Commercial photography
  • Aerial survey
  • Aerobatics (Aeroplanes Only)
  • Glider towing (Aeroplanes Only)
  • Non-Pylon Racing (Aeroplanes Only)
  • Air Display
  • Pipeline Patrol (Helicopter Only)

You can choose the types of use you need when you arrange your aircraft insurance, and you can change your cover at any time. Your Policy Schedule provides details of the use options you have selected while the Policy Booklet contains definitions for the use options available.

Existing policyholders can download copies of their Policy Booklet by following the guide described here. Alternatively, to download the latest Policy Booklet, please select one of the following:

Aeroplane Booklet  Helicopter Booklet

If you wish to use the aircraft for a purpose other than those listed (e.g. flying which requires a mountain flying accreditation) we may still be able to help. To request cover under your aviation insurance for any other use, please use our Special Covers facility.

Important - You should not use the aircraft for the required purpose unless cover has been confirmed and is in force.


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