How Can I Use My Account Balance?

Where you have a positive Account Balance you may be able to use it to pay towards future transaction costs for your insurance. This can include paying towards the cost of new policies or changing / renewing existing policies.

To use an available account balance simply go through the normal process of purchasing a new, renewal or amendment quote. When you reach the ‘Payment Details’ screen it will show if you have an account balance available for use. If you do then you will be presented with various choices on how you might want to use the account balance, with the options varying depending on:

  • The value of the account balance relative to the premium to be paid.
  • Whether you are paying the whole required premium at once or spreading it over Instalments.

Depending on the options you select, your account balance will either be reduced by the amount you have selected to pay towards the cost of the additional premium, or remain unaltered. 

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