Aircraft Insurance: What is Betterment cover?

Under the standard 'Aircraft Loss or Damage' cover of your aircraft insurance policy, if a part which has a specified ‘overhaul life’ needs to be replaced following insured loss or damage to the aircraft, the amount payable under the claim is normally reduced to reflect the proportion of the overhaul life which has elapsed. Thus if a £10,000 propeller which has an overhaul life span of 2,000 hours is damaged, and it is 70% through its ‘life’, then the claim settlement may be £3,000, with the owner paying the difference.

If the Betterment option is selected, no deduction is made for the proportion of the overhaul life which has elapsed so you will normally be paid the full cost of a replacement part, minus any deductible in force. Note any unit whose hours have exceeded the manufacturers prescribed life are excluded from the protection provided by the betterment section.

The Policy Booklet contains full details about how this cover operates, including any exclusions or conditions. Existing policyholders can download copies of the applicable Booklet for their policy by following the guide described here.

Alternatively, to download the latest Policy Booklet, please select one of the following:

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