Aircraft Insurance: What Aircraft do you insure?

Our aircraft insurance can cater for a wide range of makes and models of:

  • Fixed wing aircraft,
  • Flex wing aircraft,
  • Helicopters,
  • Auto gyros.

You choose what broad type of aircraft you need a quote for, aeroplane or helicopter / auto gyro, then within the selected quote type you can choose your precise aircraft from a drop-down list of over 4,000 makes / models. If your aircraft is not displayed, please email its make and model, including if available details of any supporting websites, to

For information on how to create a quote and take out a policy, please click here.

Unfortunately, there are some types of aircraft which we are currently unable to cater for, including those which:

  • Are used for hunting, patrol, fire-fighting, the intentional dropping, spraying or release of anything, any form of experimental flying, any form of flying which requires the pilot to hold a current mountain rating and any other use involving abnormal hazard.
  • Have been configured for cargo.
  • Are ‘warbirds’, amphibious craft or float planes.
  • Are owned by someone who does not have a registered UK address.
  • Have a hull value greater than £2 million.
  • Are gliders, hot air balloons or UAVs.

However, we do regularly review our acceptance rules so please check back in future if we are currently unable to provide a quote.

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