Boat Insurance: What is Marine Legal Protection?

The Marine Legal Protection option under the boat insurance policy may provide cover for legal adviser’s costs to help you pursue or defend a claim in the following situations:

  • Uninsured Loss Recovery: To pursue damages claims arising from a collision, impact, fire or flooding against those whose negligence has caused you to suffer loss of your insurance policy excess or other out of pocket expenses.
  • Personal Injury Pursuit: To pursue damages claims arising from a collision, impact, fire or flooding whilst you are in, boarding or alighting the vessel against those whose negligence has caused your injury or death.
  • Contract Disputes: To pursue or defend a legal action following a breach of a contract you have for buying goods or services in connection with the vessel, including the purchase or sale of the vessel.
  • Prosecution Defence: To defend a legal action in respect of a criminal offence arising from your ownership or use of the vessel

In addition, this option can provide access to both a legal advice helpline and a health and medical information service.

The maximum amount payable in respect of legal adviser costs is £100,000. There is no excess for you to pay in respect of this cover option unless you opt not to use one of our panel solicitors, in which case there is an excess of £1,000.

There are various exclusions which apply to this option, such as there being no cover for contract disputes arising from the manufacture of the vessel or arising from any commercial use of the vessel.

The Policy Booklet contains full details about how this cover operates, including any exclusions or conditions. Existing policyholders can download copies of the applicable Booklet for their policy by following the guide described here. Alternatively, to download the latest Policy Booklet, please click here.

Should you wish to start an online boat insurance quote, please click here.

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