Boat Insurance: What is the difference between ‘In-Commission’ and ‘Laid-Up’ status?

A vessel is regarded as being ‘In-Commission’ when it is ready for immediate use for any purpose permitted under the policy. Note a boat which is kept at home (e.g. a canoe or a PWC) would still be regarded as in commission if it simply requires relocating to the water to be used.

However, some owners may wish to decommission their vessel because they will not be using it for a protracted period of time such as over the winter months or because it needs to undergo some routine maintenance or repairs. Depending on their vessel type, such owners may have the option to change the boat insurance policy status to ‘Laid-Up’ which means there is no cover in force for the vessel to be used for any purpose, other than routine maintenance or repairs, or while being lifted in, hauled out or launched.

While the cover status in the policy is Laid-Up, a number of other cover options which you may have selected to operate while the cover status is ‘In-Commission’, will be suspended (e.g. emergency accommodation, emergency travel, personal accident etc). Details of any affected cover options will be highlighted to you when you change the cover status to Laid-Up.

You can do this change yourself online via the website. For details please click here

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