What Is My Account Balance?

Policy changes, such as cancelation of your insurance, may result in you being owed a refund, which in turn create a positive balance on your account. If this happens you will be offered two choices for how this balance will be treated:

  • You can ask us to retain it for up to 30 days, or 20 days after your last policy ended, so that you may use it to pay towards the cost of future transactions. Note, if it is not used within these periods, we will automatically refund it to you.
  • You can ask us to refund it to you at the earliest opportunity.

To view if you have a positive account balance:

  • Log in and select ‘My Account’ from the main menu.
  • Select ‘Manage Payment & Refund Methods’.
  • If you have a positive account balance the amount will be displayed along with whether you previously opted for it to be retained or refunded at the next opportunity.

Note you can also use this screen to change your preference for refunding of the balance. For example, if you previously asked for it to be retained but now want it to be refunded at the next opportunity, simply change the option selected.

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