Aircraft Insurance: What is an Open Pilot Warranty?

If you select an Open Pilot Warranty (OPW) then it will allow non-named pilots to fly your aircraft so long as they do so with your authority and they fulfil certain criteria such as qualifications, experience, age etc.

You can add or delete named pilots to your aircraft insurance at any time, so for general guidance on how to amend your cover, please click here.

When you reach the ‘Pilots’ page of the amendment process, tick the 'Include Open Pilot Cover' box, then specify the criteria which you would require any pilot to meet before you would permit them to use the aircraft (e.g. they must have X hours in total or Y hours on model).

Be sure to complete the purchase of the amendment quote as described so as to apply the changes to the aviation insurance policy.

Adding an OPW may increase the cost of your aircraft insurance so consideration should be given to restricting cover to named pilots only.

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