Boat Insurance: What is Vessel Loss or Damage cover?

This option under our boat insurance policy can provide cover for the cost of loss or damage to your vessel arising from a range of causes such as accident, theft, fire, and storm.

You choose what value you wish to insure your vessel for, up to a limit which will vary by the type of vessel. You can also select, within certain limits, what level of excess you are prepared to pay in the event of a claim.

In addition to covering your main vessel you can also specify details of any outboard engines or tenders which you would like to be insured. For each outboard or tender you can again state the value for which it will be insured and also what level of excess you wish to pay.

There are various exclusions which apply to this option, such as where the vessel is not being used for a permitted use or for costs arising from the loss of use of the vessel.

The Policy Booklet contains full details about how this cover operates, including any exclusions or conditions. Existing policyholders can download copies of the applicable Booklet for their policy by following the guide described here. Alternatively, to download the latest boat insurance Policy Booklet, please click here

Should you wish to start an online boat insurance quote, please click here.

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