Boat Insurance: Can I use my boat for racing?

It is possible to extend the permitted uses for certain types of vessel to include racing, and there are various racing options available:

  • For smaller vessels (e.g. canoes, kayaks, sailing dinghies) cover can be arranged to participate in any racing event.
  • For larger sailing yachts cover can be included for certain types of racing (e.g. Club), and cover also requested for participation in specific, named events.
  • For most sailing vessels cover can also be selected to include loss or damage to masts, sails, spars and rigging (MSSR) while the boat is being used for racing. In this case the owner will be asked to provide an estimate of the new replacement value of such items.
  • The owner of any type of vessel which is involved in racing will also be given the option to cover the costs of any pre-booked races that they are unable to participate in because of insured loss or damage to the boat.   

Owners of eligible vessels can select the type of racing cover they want when creating an online boat insurance quote. Various restrictions and requirements apply to each of these uses, full details of which are available as part of the quote process.

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