Boat Insurance: What are permitted uses?

‘Permitted uses’ are the purposes for which you will be insured to use your vessel, as stated in your policy schedule. The permitted use options will vary depending on the type of boat involved:

  • Most owners may just want to use their boat for their own ‘Private and Pleasure’ purposes.
  • Some may wish to use it for a commercial purpose such as chartering it out.
  • Other owners may wish to use their boat for higher risk activities such as racing.
  • Owners of motorboats may wish to use the vessel for water skiing or for towing water toys.
  • If the boat is also your permanent residence you may wish to insure it as a houseboat.

You can select your required permitted uses when creating your online boat insurance quote. Should you go on to arrange cover you will also be able to amend them online during the year as required.

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