How do I change my password

The Visicover service enables you to view or update most aspects of your insurance at any time via our website. Simply log in using your registered email address and password, then select the option you want.

If you want to change your password you can do so as follows:

  • Login to Visicover.
  • Select 'My Account' from the main menu.
  • Select 'Manage My Password'.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter your new password which must be 8 or more characters long and include at least 1 non alpha numeric character (e.g. $ ^ * etc.)
  • Re-enter you new password.
  • Click 'Confirm' to commit the change or 'Cancel' if you do not wish to proceed.
  • Click 'Continue' to acknowledge change and return to the 'My Account' screen.

Important: Do not share your login information with anyone or they will have all your privileges and will be able to view or change your cover or details. You remain responsible for their actions, and we cannot accept any responsibility for any changes they make with or without your authority.

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