What is an authorised manager?

You can appoint someone to be an ‘Authorised Manager’ which means they can manage your insurance quotes and policies for you. Examples of where this can be useful include:

  • Enabling a family member to also have access to your policies.
  • Authorising different employees to manage the policies of the company.
  • Letting a number of members manage a flying club's policies.

Your Authorised Manager will be able to amend or cancel your existing policies, buy new ones, and view your contact and payments history. They do not have to be a Visicover customer but simply need to be registered on our site.

For information on how to invite someone to become an 'Authorised Manager', click here.

Important: If you appoint an authorised manager you remain responsible for their actions, and Visicover cannot accept any responsibility for any changes they make with or without your authority.

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