About Paying For My Policy

How can I pay for my insurance policy?

You can pay for your insurance via debit or credit card and can choose to either:

  • Pay your premium in full when you arrange cover.
  • Pay a deposit (approx. 30%) when you arrange cover, then spread payment of the balance over up to 8 monthly instalments at no additional charge.

If you have an Account Balance, you may also be able to use this to pay for or towards a transaction.

Important Information About Instalments

  • If you are paying by instalments and have a claim, any outstanding premium becomes payable immediately.
  • The minimum monthly instalment is £10 for UK clients or €10 for EU clients, so the number of instalments may be reduced to reflect this.
  • If you fail to make a payment when due the instalment facility may be withdrawn in which case the full outstanding premium becomes payable immediately. Failure to make a payment may also ultimately result in the cancelation of your policy, and our withholding the option for you to pay by instalments in future.
How are stored payment cards used?

Your stored payment cards may be used as follows:

  • If you are paying for an insurance policy by instalments we will use a stored card to apply for each payment when it is due.
  • We will initially attempt to collect payment using the primary stored card you nominated for the policy concerned, but if we are unable to collect the amount due, we may use one of your other stored cards to collect it.
  • If you make an amendment resulting in an additional premium and you are not paying by instalments, or have no future instalments due, you can select one of your stored cards to be used to pay the additional amount.
Where are my payment card details stored?

If you are paying for your insurance by instalments then you must store your credit or debit card details by clicking the appropriate field when entering your card information. Even if you are paying annually it can be a good idea to store your card details as it will save you having to re-enter them if you make a change to your policy.

Important – Your card details will be stored securely via Opayo which is a level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment gateway meaning it provides the highest level of card data security.

How do I nominate a primary payment card?

If you have stored more than one card to pay for your insurance premium, you can nominate which card is used first to attempt future payment collections as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Select 'Manage Payment Cards' to display a list of registered cards
  • Select the card currently being used for instalment payments to see details of any linked instalment plans
  • Select the instalment plan that you wish to pay using a different card
  • Select the card that you wish to use from the drop-down list
  • Click 'Save' to commit the change
  • Check that the plan has been reallocated to the required card by selecting that card, at which point the instalment plan will be displayed

Important - If you wish to use a card which is not yet registered, click here for details on how to add a card.

How can I delete a stored payment card?

You can store debit or credit cards to pay for future insurance premiums. You can delete a card from the store as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Select 'Manage Payment Cards' and select the card to be deleted from those listed
  • Select 'Delete Card'

Please note:

  • You can only delete a card which has no future instalment plans attached to it. If you wish to delete a card which has future instalment plans attached you must first add a replacement card and move the future instalment plans to it.
  • If we have been unable to collect an instalment using the primary card you nominated for a policy, we may use one of your other stored cards to collect it. Given this, if you do not wish a stored card to be used as a back-up, please delete it.
How can I add a stored payment card?

When you buy or make a change to a policy you are given the option to add a debit or credit card via the payment screen to use for future insurance premium payments. However, you can also add a payment card for future use as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Select 'Manage Payment Cards' and then click 'Add Card'
  • Enter the card details and billing address, then click 'Save'

If you are not paying by instalments or have no future instalments to pay, you will be returned to a screen where you will see the new card listed. However, if you have a policy with future instalments to pay, you will instead be given the option to nominate that the new card is used first when we attempt to collect such instalments. The process to do this is as follows:

  • Select ‘OK’ in the pop up window which asks if you want to move any existing instalment plans to the new card
  • A list will appear of any of your existing policies which have future instalments. Tick the ‘Yes / No’ box to nominate the selected card as the first card from which we should attempt to make future payment collections for that policy
  • When you have ticked the required policies, click ‘Save’ to commit the changes
How can I change my payment card expiry date?

You can store details of a debit or credit card to use for future insurance premium payments.

Amongst the details you can store are the expiry date of the current card. If the card is nearing its expiry date, and you use the card to pay for instalments, we will email you to make you aware that its expiration is approaching. In addition, when you next log in to the website, we will highlight any expiring cards which are used for instalments.

If your bank renews one of these cards they will also give you a new expiry date. If you wish to continue to use the card for instalments you will need to add the payment card, including the new expiry date. You can then move your existing instalment plans to it, and after this will be able to delete the old card.

How can I see details of my future instalments

If you have opted to pay your insurance premium via instalments, you can view the future instalment amounts and dates online as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Click 'View Future Payments'
  • Select the policy whose instalments you wish to see from the drop-down list
  • The future instalments and their due dates will be listed in date order
How can I see my payments?

You can view details online of any premium payments you have made for your insurance, including the current account balance, as follows:

  • Log in to Visicover as normal and select 'My Account' from the main menu
  • Click 'View Payment History'
  • The account balance will be shown at the top of the page next to the currency
  • A list of amounts invoiced and paid will also be shown with the most recent transaction shown first
How can I pay the outstanding balance on my policy?

If you have been paying for your insurance policy by instalments but decide you wish to pay off the outstanding account balance, then you can do so as follows:

  • Log in and select the policy you wish to pay off from those listed in the ‘Active Policies’ block
  • Click 'Make Changes to Policy', leave the Cover Change Date as today, then click ‘Ok’
  • Click 'Next' at the bottom of each quote page until you reach the Summary page, at the top of which it should say 'Your Premium Change: 0'
  • Tick the check box in the declaration at the bottom of the Summary and click ‘Continue To Purchase’
  • On the payment screen, click 'Up Front Payment' under Payment Method to see the outstanding balance and a confirmation that this amount will be paid immediately
  • Click 'Complete Purchase' to process the payment, then ‘Continue’ to return to the dashboard
How Can I Add Bank Details For Refunds?

If you are due a refund of your insurance premium, we will normally try to pay it back to you via the debit or credit card you originally paid with. However, this is not always possible, such as where you no longer have that card.

Where we are unable to make a refund back to the original payment card, we will instead pay it via a bank transfer. It is therefore possible for you to add your bank account details as follows:

  • Log in and select ‘My Account’ from the main menu.
  • Select ‘Manage Payment & Refund Methods’ then click ‘Add Bank Account’.
  • Select whether you are adding a UK bank account reference (i.e. account number and sort code) or an IBAN account reference.
  • Enter the required details then click ‘Save’.

Important Notes

  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the account details entered so please ensure they are both accurate and current. You can replace the details if they are incorrect.
  • Bank details are only used to process refunds and are not a means of payment.
  • We part anonymise the details for security purposes, but you can see the full information by clicking ‘Display Details’ and entering your log in password.
What Is My Account Balance?

Policy changes, such as cancelation of your insurance, may result in you being owed a refund, which in turn create a positive balance on your account. If this happens you will be offered two choices for how this balance will be treated:

  • You can ask us to retain it for up to 30 days, or 20 days after your last policy ended, so that you may use it to pay towards the cost of future transactions. Note, if it is not used within these periods, we will automatically refund it to you.
  • You can ask us to refund it to you at the earliest opportunity.

To view if you have a positive account balance:

  • Log in and select ‘My Account’ from the main menu.
  • Select ‘Manage Payment & Refund Methods’.
  • If you have a positive account balance the amount will be displayed along with whether you previously opted for it to be retained or refunded at the next opportunity.

Note you can also use this screen to change your preference for refunding of the balance. For example, if you previously asked for it to be retained but now want it to be refunded at the next opportunity, simply change the option selected.

How Can I Use My Account Balance?

Where you have a positive Account Balance you may be able to use it to pay towards future transaction costs for your insurance. This can include paying towards the cost of new policies or changing / renewing existing policies.

To use an available account balance simply go through the normal process of purchasing a new, renewal or amendment quote. When you reach the ‘Payment Details’ screen it will show if you have an account balance available for use. If you do then you will be presented with various choices on how you might want to use the account balance, with the options varying depending on:

  • The value of the account balance relative to the premium to be paid.
  • Whether you are paying the whole required premium at once or spreading it over Instalments.

Depending on the options you select, your account balance will either be reduced by the amount you have selected to pay towards the cost of the additional premium, or remain unaltered.